Album Lyrics

Black Witch

Lonely dark and solemn road
Uneasy fear in me
Don’t travel down there all alone
Sojourn prophecy

We can save our world
If we dont destroy it first

Mistress of the misty dawn
Revolution in her eyes
Your heart will turn to stone
Dance with evil is disguise
I sold my soul for you
Lure me with your sweet song
Transform me with your spell
Subterfuge will take me down
Suck me in this living hell
I’m a stranger in your world
Ill see you in the next one
World was created for evil to exist
Cry of the black witch
Hard to resist
Choice is for you
The the choice is for me
Angels are weeping
Pillar of deceit
Don’t look into her eyes
Don’t take me down
With your dark spell
Don’t bring me down into your hell
To the soul of the black witch
Don’t take me down into your hell.

Reach Out

The voyage never ends to our inner light
Reach out your hand to the bitter twilight
Cold and empty sky
Perceived through empty eyes
Wasted lonely world for you and I
Reach for the sky
We were held together by the finest thread
And at any moment our universe comes unglued
But that’s what made us beautiful
Dangerous and human
Together we were strong
Together strong as rock
Did you feel the bond
The world is so damn cold
Reach out your hand
And I’ll reach out mine
Reach out your hand
Can you feel it
Picture of our past
Where time stands still
Testament to you for always I give
Find your light and take what is yours
Restore my soul and shine in me still
Reach out your hand.

Imminent Destruction

Look into the raven’s eye
Dead children’s chorus sings
I see black across the skies
Truth is where it lies
What are we?
Yeah you’ll see
When the end has come
When destiny is done
Dancing with the devil
And the flowers die
Reaching for the answers
Where they lie
Beyond good and evil
They will co-exist
Step on through the door
There’s many more
Lonely whore
The bird it sings
On broken wings forevermore
Beyond the light
Forever night or open door
What comes around goes around
An even score.

Only the strong survive

Why can’t I forget?
About yesterday
The world is so empty
Our spirit is furtherance
Through my will i live on

Only the strong will survive
The challenge arises once again
And I’ll look it in the eyes
The thunder of yesterday
Will return again
Only the strong survive.

Nuclear War

Plutonium is lit up like the surface of the sun
The burning lost shadows of man
The price of war is done

The blood flows like rivers after all the wars we wage
Welcome to the funeral fires of the nuclear age

The Bay of Pigs was just a lesson of how close we could be to a mushroom cloud
Red sky sucking the air we breathe
We’re closer now more than ever to the final destruction day
If we don’t search for answers we’re just a heartbeat away.

It’s a nuclear war.

Am I Alone?

Am I alone?
And life has shown
To see the view
The road to you
Beneath my tree
And I can see
The view is you
The view is me
The misery exists in me
Life shall turn
It’ll always be
Am I alone?
So dark is the day
Mine filled with sorrow
Wasting away

Sympathy is not there for me
No one hands out life for free

Unknown force will crush us all
Break the chains inside of me
Am I alone?
Don’t shelter me with your sympathy.